Recently I have been working on the course by growth school ( and one of the project was given as a product problem statement and a research problem statement to me on boosting the business of a popular event booking app.

I was guided to not constraint the problem-solving to a particular app but a virtual app referencing the existing one. This was my first UX project for a digital experience.

Product problem statement

The pandemic has put a halt on all live events and movie screenings. Bookevents, an event booking app has seen a complete wipe out of their bookings. …

This is one of the most interesting project for me, as I made this with a team of five in total. So the thing is that in the course that I have been doing gave me an opportunity of participating in a kind of hackathon for UX design. And the most important thing was the time constraint which was only 48 hrs!!! We also were going to have three review sessions to help us get through and for feedback on the completed work till then.

The thing started from evening when I was given the information on my fellow teammates…

To observe the behavioural patterns of college students(Gen Z) with regard to their financial knowledge and money handling, to help them become financially independent and stable in their early stages of earning.

How this started…

This is my first full-blown project from the research to the prototype, everything was done from scratch. This is a part of a course I took from growthschool. It was a process that took months to complete. We were provided with various problem statements to choose from. And I choose this one:

“Due to the lack of basic financial education, people are unaware of good banking practices, have…

This is my first project on design thinking, in fact my first ever try at the whole user experience concept. I was working on the course by growth school (, and this is the first assignment which was given to me.

In this assignment all the participants were divided in the group of five and each allotted with a different room in a house. To this, I was to improve the experience of existing interaction. I was given the kitchen as the room and the other four were the users for whom specifically I had to identify problems and propose…

Ayushi Dorle

UI/UX designer and a student

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